Monday, January 26, 2009


Ever since my sister Ann, her boyfriend Matt, and Matt’s dog Roy visited at Christmas, Sam reminds us daily that we need a dog of our own.

Sometimes he’ll go all day without saying a word, but then suddenly remember at bedtime.

Case in point:
Me: [Tucking in Sam, saying a prayer for him, tickling his toes, and kissing him goodnight.]

Sam’s response: “Dog-gie?” with the gie a few syllables higher, as if to question whether we’re getting one anytime soon.

Aside from getting a pet (which we're not quite ready for), any suggestions?

Matt and Roy

Sam playing with Sadie, the Burns' dog
(good friends from KV who hosted us for our December visit)


Tara said...

What about a stuffed dog? Or one that barks or something. I don't know, just a suggestion. In my opinion, nothing compares with a real dog, but believe me I understand you not being ready for one. As much as I'd love to get one now, I know it isn't the right time. :(

nancy said...

How about a hamster or a guinea pig?? I mean, we have TWO dogs yet my son feels that we MUST have one of the above... yuck!!:) I mean, I'm SURE Michele doesn't have enough to clean now, let's add a nice stinky cage to clean every week. Hee hee!! nb

Susan said...

Payton loved stuffed animals when he was little. He could not go to sleep without them. Maybe you could try that?? Yesterday, we went to Wal-Mart and they have Valentine's stuffed singing animals! Payton was immediately drawn to them & carried one around in the store. He really wanted one but they were $16! So I'm going to go the day after V-Day and see if they have some left for 1/2 price. Maybe you could do the same. Just a thought.