Tuesday, November 27, 2007

6 months today!

Who knew 6 months could fly by so fast?

Toupe Sam

Michele's brother Mark (who is officially the last immediate family member to see Sam) mentioned that Sam always smiles. So... we had to show Sam's unhappy side.

Now he's really mad.

Oh boy, here comes the sign language.

And then bedtime comes... Sleep little buddy. Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our first Halloween

Thanks to our friends, Sam had 2 costumes for his first Halloween! He was a pumpkin during the day... but by nighttime, he'd become a monster...

Trick or Treat!

Michele & Sam made a surprise visit to see me at work on Halloween. Here Sam is hanging out with my friend Mike.

Our first trick or treater's were the Chrisman's! Michaela and Jacob were excited to see Sam. Michaela dressed up as a dancer. Jacob dressed up as a cat -- check out the mouse crawling up his shoulder!

Cassidy and I help hold up Kenley's costume -- dirty laundry! A few years ago, Cassidy dressed up as dirty laundry (one of our all-time favorite costumes). Now she's passed the costume down to her younger sister. Gotta love those Halloween hand-me-down's!

Shaun & Jenny with Isabel and Atticus. Jenny hand-sewed Isabel's dress (after her sewing machine broke)! Atticus the turtle is already 2 months old... and about the same weight as Sam. Jenny is a great bargain hunter -- she found Sam's monster costume for $1 and let us borrow it.

Greg & Stacey with Lauren the cat. Our friendship with Greg goes back to our early years at Truman. Now Greg works in the Alumni office and Stacey works with me at the hospital. They're also the proud owners of the "McPherson Mansion" -- a house that Ann, Tara, and I all called home at one point or another during our college careers.