Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Tossing cookies

My streak has finally come to an end. It lasted 7,311 days (give or take). Not bad by any measure. But still... it's a streak I'd like to have continued forever.

What streak, you ask? Tossing cookies. I think the last time was junior high -- something like 20 years ago... or around 7300 days (20 years x 365 days). At least that's the last one I remember. I stayed home from school because I felt sick. And that meant staying next door at Grandma G's. She fixed some delicious homemade vegetable soup for lunch. Afterwards I was resting on the couch... and then that undeniable urge came.

That same urge overpowered me at work on Monday evening. Fortunately everyone else had already gone home for the day. I had just talked with Michele and told her I was feeling awful and coming home soon. Then it happened. Thankfully my trash can was within easy reach.

The surprising part? It wasn't that bad. I mean it wasn't great by any stretch. But after it happened I felt 10 times better... and I actually kept working a little longer, knowing it probably wouldn't be the last of the cookie tossing and I'd probably need a few days off.

I was right on both accounts. I won't elaborate on the additional cookie tossing, but I did take off 2 sick days on Tuesday and Wednesday. And in between the sleeping and cooking tossing, it occurred to me... this could be the last time that I'm home by myself for a long time. A baby is coming!!

New Question of the Week:
How long is your streak? (When was the last time you tossed your cookies?!) If there's a memorable story, please share.

My answer to last week's question:
I'll go with Country Kitchen. Our local restaurant has some great food... but the smokey smell is overwhelming, so we rarely go there. I'm hoping they do a deep cleaning once our smoke-free ordinance kicks in!

Also worth mentioning:
Grandpa Lawson e-mailed a reply to last week's question:
"Rob, your blog update and question are too complicated for me --- but I will comment with one word----probably totally out of context----TWINS!!!!"

Friday, April 6, 2007

Breathe Easy

In Tuesday's election, our town passed a no-smoking ordinance that bans smoking in most public places, namely restaurants and bars. That's great news for non-smokers like us, and hopefully the smokers will eventually come to see it as great news. The ordinance kicks in on July 1st.

My employer (the local hospital) is in the transition period of enforcing a no-tobacco policy on our grounds. The buildings have been smoke free for years, but patients, visitors and employees could still smoke outside on hospital property. So the outside smoking is going to be banned soon. I think the enforcement date is coincidentally July 1st too.

Anyway, all these new rules have inspired me to ask a "Question of the week"!

Question of the week:
What restaurant would you go to more often if it was no-smoking?

Post a comment and share your thoughts! I'll share my answer in the next post...

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Michele is my beautiful wife.
This photo was taken a few weeks ago at my parents' home in rural Missouri.
This one was also taken a few weeks ago...
It's hard to believe that we've been married for almost 10 years. The time has flown by. We've hoped and prayed for children for years, and had all but given up hope. So when we found out that Michele was expecting, we were overjoyed.