Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Part 3

The weekend before Christmas, my family got together at my parents' home. Nephews Payton, Jace, and Landon spent quite a bit of time working on their hand-eye coordination,
courtesy of Nintendo DS.

Meanwhile, Grandmother loved on Eva, who's sporting her Santa hat (or the Pope hat, as we like to call it!)

It's finally time to open presents!
(In the inset, my Dad is corralling Payton.)

Who needs presents when you look this good?
(In the inset, Sam is phoning his friends to tell them about his gifts.)

After the weekend, Aunt Annie and her boyfriend Matt spent a few extra days at our home. We took advantage of their help by letting them watch Sam & Eva while we got the car fixed and visited the dentist. It's amazing how difficult those simple tasks can be when you've got two little ones occupying all your time.
Thank you Annie & Matt!


nancy said...

LOVE all the pictures, Rob... and all the neat things that you and Michele are doing with the kids for traditions, etc. They will remember that, growing up. See you soon, Jace and I hope to make a trip your way in the next few months! Love you!

Tara said...

Ah, yes the pope hat. Maybe little Eva will become the first female pope in history. :)

That pic of Sam on the phone is hilarious. The look on his face is so funny.

annie said...

All those pictures are SO CUTE!!

Lee and Jod said...

Anne looks wonderful! Tell her "hi" for me!

Angela Wilhite said...

Eva looks so beautiful. I miss her and Sam looks so adorable....awwww!!! :D