Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cool Stools -and- A Night Out!

Here are better photos of the custom designed stools that I mentioned in my last post. Thanks again to Michele's sister Angela for the artwork.

Friday night we went out for the first time since Eva's birth! (Unless you count our romantic dentist appointments a month ago.) My folks came over to watch the kids while we went to the hospital's annual holiday party. It's traditionally held in January to help ease the busyness of December. I was honored for 10 years of service, which is a little humorous since I've only worked here for about a year. But I worked in Kirksville for 9 years, so it's 10 years total with the company. To give me a hard time, my coworkers simultaneously cheered and booed as I was honored.

Hanging on to Grandpa's finger.

Mimi went ga-ga.

A rare (though not necessarily good) photo of the two of us!


Tara said...

Who says that isn't a good photo? I'm glad you guys enjoyed the night out!! I'm sure Mom and Dad had fun with the kids.

Milles Family said...

I love your "cool stools" Based on the title, I was a little afraid to read the entry! I was wondering how cool your all's stools could be! ;-)

Annie said...

i like the stools! Very artsy!

Angela Wilhite said...

I love all of these pictures!!! I miss all of you guys. I can't wait to see you Saturday....I love you all!