Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas, Part 1

Christmas Eve
We do our best to read a story or two to Sam & Eva every evening. We are fortunate to have numerous Golden Books -- mostly hand-me-downs from our families. About 15 of those Golden Books are Christmas stories. Every evening during December, we tried to read one or two of these books. The stories range from Santa to Frosty to Jesus. In the photo above, it's Christmas Eve and we're reading about Jesus' birth.

Christmas Morning
Sam slept in! We finally woke him up at 10:00. While he was still sleeping, I took the photo above.

Before we opened presents (or even showed Sam all the presents under the tree), Michele made a big breakfast. Sam (a.k.a. Linus) kept his blanket close while Michele cooked.

Eva relaxed in her bouncy seat and did what came naturally -- looking cute! She already smiles big, but it's hard to catch a photo of it. Every time she sees the camera, she gets serious!

After breakfast, we headed to the living room. Sam's initial reaction was a very funny "Oooooo!" Sort of like "What do we have here?!"

I'll try to post more soon.

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Tara said...

Very cute Robbie!