Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Management Material

Miss Photogenic
Eva turned 9 months a few weeks ago. She's weighing in at just over 15 lbs - a light-weight for sure. But her doc's not worried, as most kids get leaner when they become more mobile.

"Mama, Dee-Dee, Train!"
Sam ran into the kitchen and announced this to Michele a few weeks ago. Translated: Eva was standing by his train table. It was the first time she'd pulled up and stood on her own. Since then, she's become a pro. She's also army crawling and quickly figuring out how to crawl on her knees.
"Dee-Dee" is Sam's nickname for Eva. Not sure how he came up with it - he can say her name. But it works.

O Happy Day
Took this photo as I was heading out the door one morning. Everyone was awake and super happy. Almost had to call in sick!

Management Material - Exhibit A
While we do yardwork, Sam supervises.

Management Material - Exhibit B
Further proof that Sam and I are related.