Thursday, September 20, 2007

That is why

It's no secret that kids like their moms more than their dads. (Especially when some moms have an unfair advantage of hanging out with them all day while the dads are slaving away at work to put bread on the table.) Anyway, it's inspired a new song...

"That Is Why"

Mommy plays with me all day long
Then Daddy comes home and sings me silly songs
That is why I like my Mommy better

When she gives me a bath, she cleans between my linty toes
When I get slimy boogers, she picks my little nose
That is why I like my Mommy better

OK, your turn! We need help writing more verses to this song. Post a comment and Michele will pick a winner!!

And while you're thinking up rhymes, here are some photos to inspire you:
Having fun with Mom

Loving on Mom

Visiting Uncle Tomcat and making friends with Spiderman

Supervising Mom's work as she stains some quarter-round boards for our dining room project

Impersonating Pop

Saturday, September 15, 2007

One great day

We celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago. Having a new person in the family sure made it special. Michele & Sam walked up to the hospital and brought me a picnic lunch. We had to get the car inspected, so the scenery for our picnic was the local auto repair shop. The lady behind the desk at the repair shop has a daughter who's a former student of Michele's, so she got a kick out of seeing Sam. The guys doing the inspecting saw we had a baby and made an extra effort to work up our inspection faster than usual. It's small town goodness.

My birthday falls towards the beginning of the month, which is our busy time at work as we close out financial statements for the prior month. So my birthday was a busy workday. But I got home around 7-ish and enjoyed a simple, yet wonderful evening at home with a quiet dinner, some play time and bath time with Sam, and a movie with Michele. Our movie was "The Astronaut Farmer" -- pretty good, especially considering we hadn't seen a movie in months.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

Playing on my birthday

Smiling for mom

Tummy time!

Starting a new fashion trend

Saturday morning