Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good times

Our lives have never felt more complete. Sam is truly a gift from God.

Getting ready for the Truman homecoming parade

Checking out Grandpa (Rob's dad). My dad spent 3 full days with us helping fix up the windows in our living room. They are Anderson windows from the 60's and the wood frames were in poor shape. We were considering replacing them, which would've cost a few thousand dollars. But my dad though he could take them apart and refinish them. He did and they look great. Total cost was about $80 -- $60 to replace the dual pane glass in one window and about $20 for misc repair items. Thanks Dad!

Chillin' with Mom. We are so blessed that Michele is able to stay home with Sam. I always knew she'd be a great mom, I just wish the journey hadn't taken so long. We still look at each other and are amazed that we have a little guy. He's only 5 months old but it's already hard to imagine life without him.

Reading with Dad. It's become our evening routine. Just before Sam's last snack of the day, I give him a lotion rub-down and change him into his jammies, then we read a book. Michele received numerous books as baby shower gifts and Sam's room looks a little like a library. He has two large bookshelves (thanks to Grandpa & Grandmother Lawson). It's fun picking out a story every evening. My current favorite is "Goodnight Moon". Sam's favorites are the ones with sounds! Above we're reading "The Frog goes Ribbit". It has a built-in button that makes a ribbet sound.

Nice bib, Sam! I'm pretty sure he picked that one out on his own. Michele likes to lay down and lift Sam up on her legs. She does sit-ups while Sam giggles!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Aunt Nancy visits!

We had a special treat a few weekends ago when Aunt Nancy and cousin Jace came to visit. Nancy did a great job summarizing the weekend on her blog. Here are a few photos:

Checking out Aunt Nancy

Having fun with Jace

Jace, Uncle Tomcat and Aunt Nancy playing Guesstures

Sam tries cereal for the first time.
"What are you shoving in my mouth, Mom?!"

It's taking some time, but Sam is starting to get the hang of eating with a spoon. So far he's tried rice cereal and carrots (fresh ones pureed by Mom). Mmmm-mmmm.

Monday, October 8, 2007

We have a winner!

Blog posting has been sparse lately as we've been terribly busy looking into a potential job opportunity, visiting family, family visiting us, and just keeping pace with life. But we were excited tonight when we saw the blog comments and read Melanie's verse to our song:

When I'm sick she rubs my tummy,
Pats my back and wipes my bummy,
That is why I like my Mommy better.

Thank you Melanie! Great verse! It reminded me that I need to post some photos of you and Michele from our visit a few months ago... and apologize for not visiting on our last trip to Springfield a few weekends ago...
Best friends

Melanie's kids - Rilla, Aulden, Whitman & Georgia (holding Sam)

Having fun with Mom
(taken the same night as the photo in our last post)

Getting ready to go outside!