Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coming Alive

We've been busy since our last post. Here's a quick summary:
  • I received a promotion within the company and am now CFO of Galesburg Cottage Hospital.
  • We moved at the end of February... in the aftermath of a snowstorm. Apparently we like a good challenge.
  • Our old home sold 14 days after we listed it. We miss that home. And our neighbors.
  • Our new home is lots of work. The prior owners didn't put as much love into it as we do. We've made it better, but still lots to do.
  • In the process, Michele has learned how to repair drywall and wire new lights. She can repair drywall better than the pros.
  • We've made several new friends, mainly because of this place.
  • We recently found out we're going to have another one of these! It's scheduled to arrive a few weeks after this.
  • Sam and Eva are pretty excited about this new development. They're rooting for this. Eva thinks we should name it after her.
  • Sam turned 3 a few weeks ago! His favorite things are playing with / tormenting his sister and wrestling with Dad. He's been potty training the past several weeks and has almost mastered it.
  • Eva is now 20 months old! Her favorite things are snuggling with Mom in the early morning hours and putting up with Sam. She is very much a lightweight and weighs only about 19 lbs. This has prompted some concern by our new pediatrician. We're awaiting results from some blood tests.
Helping Mom bake Sam's birthday cake.

Admiring Mom's masterpiece.

Michele is now an expert at custom cakes.

All dressed up on a Sunday morning.

Big smiles after enjoying chocolate shakes.


emily and kyle said...

Glad you guys are getting all settled in. We miss you at LifePoint! And CONGRATULATIONS on the baby!!!! That's exciting!!

bob said...

what a tricky post - I like it. Congrats and I hope all is going well. If you're ever in the area come and see us. I need some drywall repaired.

Anonymous said...

He's alive! I was beginning to wonder if you had dropped off the face of the earth! Teasing! I know you have been extra busy, but happy to hear how all of you are! We're beyond thrilled for the newest Gasaway! Congratulations!

nancy said...

Whew, six months of your life - new job, new town, new baby on way, ALL crammed into 10 bullet points and six pictures... you rock! Or, you slack, I guess, since we've all been waiting, waiting, waiting! :)
Congrats, and love you, sug.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the update. I had about given up checking here.

Love you guys!


Milles Family said...

Congrats on all accounts! BTW...Eva is amazingly adorable! She is so cute & Sam's cake is awesome! :O) What cutie-pies!

Martha Robbins said...

(martha) hi guys! so excited for your news about the 'addition' and your new church home! we miss you! the kids look so cute! love the cake! come see us if you get this way!