Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hero Boy Rescues Mom

Michele posted this on Facebook today. In her words...

Among the many projects in our new home is figuring out why doors won't close. So, my Monday project was to fix the door jam to the basement bathroom. In the process, I got myself locked in the bathroom with Eva and Sam on the other side.

After taking the door knob off from the inside and not being able to get the latch to move (thank goodness I had been using a screwdriver) I decided to scale the wall of the shower and climb up through the drop ceiling. Being pregnant I decided there would be no possible way for me to climb over the wall and jump down ...to freedom (w/o injuring myself, the baby and taking the whole ceiling down with me).

So, I called for Sam. Looking down at him from the ceiling I told him I was stuck and needed him to get the phone. He said, "Oh...ok Mom I'll get the phone." After what seemed like an eternity he came back with the phone, climbed on a chair and reached up to hand me the phone.

I proceeded to call Rob's office (the only local number I know) knowing he was in a work meeting. But what was I to do? Fortunately, he called back immediately and rushed home. In the meantime, I tried again to use the screwdriver to move the latch and was able to free myself! I have to say Sam is my hero. Of course he says, "I'm not a hero Mom...I'm Sam." :)


Annie said...

Hilarious! Love all the pictures...I see Sam is smiling again for the camera! Excellent :)

emily and kyle said...

The kiddos are getting soooo big!! We miss you guys!!! What a sweet kid! Glad everything turned out ok!

Martha Robbins said...

what a hero! that is so cute! they are so cute! how are yall doing? you feeling ok?

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Eva and Rob! Miss you guys,