Thursday, April 16, 2009


You should see the other guy.
Or at least the gas meter. Yes, Sam and the neighbor's gas meter got to know each other. A little too well. The gas meter is not your friend. (Or maybe Sam was just giving it a piece of his mind -literally- after seeing some of our winter utility bills.)

No Sam, that's Quigley. But he's a likeable dog too.
Quigley is my parents' dog. Sam got to know him at Easter.
Sam is working on saying Quigley - comes out "Quigey".

Speaking of Easter
Here's our latest attempt at a family photo.
Taken Easter Sunday... after church... in desperate need of naps.
I'm surprised it turned out this well!

Isn't she the cutest baby ever?
You know it's the truth.
(This is one of the dresses Michele found at the garage sale a few weeks ago.)

She's a happy baby too
And she's got a tooth! Michele just discovered it yesterday. And today Michele discovered that a second tooth is on its way! And Sam is working on some molars. Ah, tooth pain... it's no fun.

For more Easter photos, check out my sister's blog.

Lots more photos that are blog-worthy (Aunt Sarah's visit, our trip to the Zoo, Sam riding a go-kart at Uncle Forrest's home, the Easter Egg Hunt at my parents' home, our visit to Purina Farms, the list goes on.) Hope to post those soon!


Tara said...

I heard about that dress Eva wore from Mom. She said she looked so adorable, so I was hoping you would post some pics of it! Mom was right, what a gorgeous dress!!

As for Sam's shiner, you should try to find Thomas' 2nd grade school picture and post them next to each other. He had a black eye in that picture!! Boys.

Milles Family said...

Poor Sam!!!

I love the family picture. We always forget to get one taken of us. But Bethany refused to wear her dress. She insisted on "pants, pants, paaaannnnttsss."

I feel bad for you guys having two teething kids. Stock up on the orajel now!