Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yard sales rock

Last Saturday was Kid Mania. It's an indoor garage sale held at the local high school. The cafeteria and gymnasium were packed with vendors. The amount of stuff for sale overwhelmed me. Thankfully Michele navigated the waters like a pro.

Strategically, we arrived an hour before it ended. Well, maybe not exactly strategically... but it worked in our favor. At that point, the sellers just want to unload the stuff.

Cool toy for Sam = $1
Michele was iffy on this one, but she scrubbed it and now it looks better than new. It's a Little People garage, complete with 3 cars and the Michael character. Sam loves it.

Clifford the Dog long-sleeve shirt = 25 cents
I was scoping a table with Sam and he spotted this like a trained professional. "Dog! Dog!"

Baby sling = Free
The gal selling it told Michele to take whatever she wanted. The sling instructions note it can hold babies from newborn to 24 months. Seriously? 24 months? So Michele tried it out with Sam... and he probably enjoys it more than Eva.

Michele also scored some snazzy dresses for Eva for just a few bucks each. Stay tuned for photos of those.

Didn't find these chairs at a garage sale, but we're excited nonetheless. We've been hunting for kitchen chairs for months. The table is an old one that my dad refinished. It looks great, but the old chairs we have don't match and we only have two. We finally found these new chairs online at Target. They have an antique look that fits great with the table. And I put 'em together myself. Which isn't exactly difficult, but felt rewarding anyway.

And with the new kitchen chairs in place, Miss Eva has graduated to the high chair! She's pretty excited about it. Now she's at eye level with us during mealtime, which is fun. Except now with 2 ladies at the table, Sam & I really have to watch our manners.


Annie said...

Sam is hilarious in that sling! And I notice Michele is sporting quite a nice shirt there, wherever did she get it? :)

Tara said...

Michele looks like she will completely fall forward with Sam in that sling. That can't be good for the back!

Luke and I will have to start hitting some yard sales when Isaac gets older.

Doug said...

Hey Rob... great blog... I need to find out how you layer the pictures - that's sweet! What a beautiful family!! Is that a Taylor guitar you and Sam are jamming with? Dude, don't hold out on me..... I got ideas :-) By the way, the indoor waterpark is in Highland, IL... about 1/2 hour East of Granite.

bh said...

yo Rob - ditto on the great site! you know I think your kids are awesome!