Monday, March 23, 2009

Top of the mornin' to ya

It reads "Wee bit o Irish"
Courtesy of Aunt Annie - Thanks Annie!

An early conversation.

That's my boy.

And that's my girl.

Someday this'll be your car...


Starry said...

oh what great photos, I was just browsing through unknown territory, and found your page,
hope the kids are happy and healthy,
well done 'Dad'.

Susan said...

Hey Rob,
We always check your blog, but I don't always leave comments. I'm kind of bad about that. Love the photos. Can't wait to see you all at Easter.

Annie said...

So cute!! Like the extra comments on the picture. Eva looks like Michele! Some of the same facial expressions :)

Lee and Jod said...

Are you serious? That car washing photo should be on a billboard or something. SWEET.

Paula said...

I loved all your pictures and captions! You have a beautiful family. Wow, so many blessings. Thanks for sharing life with us.