Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Row, Row, Row

Our latest adventures...

Rowing the boat

I've worked up my own version of this timeless classic. You can play the whole song in one chord (G). But what fun is one chord played ad nauseam? So I mix it up with a few wild chords (D and C) and throw in some thumb picking on the bass notes. Then we ad lib the words a little. And before you know it, Sam is swinging his arms to the beat and Eva is staring at us like we're nuts.
She's very perceptive, that Eva.

And she sure is cute.

Like father, like son

When we aren't making music, Sam and I are getting in shape for the summer months. We love to lift weights together. It's important to pump iron like you mean it. Growling is key. Especially when you're lifting an entire pound in each hand.

Eva is sticking to low-contact sports for now.

And she requires lots of snuggling with Mom,
often in the early morning hours.

Life is good.


Tara said...

Oh Robert,

Seeing Sam lifting those very heavy weights makes me remember back when you had those copper colored weights when we were growing up. You lifted them regularly for awhile and then I don't know what happened. I think Mom still has them (and probably doesn't use them) if you wanted to lift something a little more challenging than 1 lb. :)

The kids look great! Eva has the brightest blue eyes, they just sparkle!!

Aunt Aimee said...

Sam is adorable; but my little Eva I just want to hug her and giggle! Chele, you have the most beatiful children. By the way Eva looks just like her pretty momma:) Hope we can come soon to see my babys! Lover you all! Aimee