Thursday, January 3, 2008

still wishing for a snowsuit...

The weather outside is frightful, so Michele & Sam have been entertaining each other indoors.
Sam feeds himself... sort of. At least he's happy about it!

Checking out the cool bumper pad.

"I didn't do it"

"I can't wait to stick those babies in my mouth!"

Sleeping like Mom (hand over head, holding Mr. Puddles). Ok, maybe Mom doesn't sleep with Mr. Puddles anymore. (Unless that's my new nickname)


luke said...

I look like that when I eat spaghetti sometimes so tell Sam not to be embarrassed. Is he eating a littl quicker or is he going to be like his aunt Tara and be the last to be don't at every meal?

Tare Tare said...

There is nothing wrong with eating slowly. It helps you to digest your food better, and it allows you to feel fuller, sooner. Sam must already know this and is just being healthy. Lord knows he shouldn't mimic his Uncle Luke's eating habits! Just kidding Luke.

Remember when Grandma G used to tell us that our food would "go down better if you stand up while you eat"? I always thought that was funny.

I love all the pictures of Sam. He is adorable.