Wednesday, January 9, 2008

see Sam sick

Sam has had a terrible cough for the past week. He looks all cute and happy... and then he gets to coughing one of those deep hacking coughs, and you'd swear he sounds like a grown-up. I guess there's no such thing as a baby cough.
Taking it easy on Sunday morning.
Even when he feels sick, he's almost smiling.

Sam's first day sick.
It was probably the Cowboys bib that got him gagging.

Chowing down a Ritz.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but Sam hates the Dallas Cowboys. He's just wearing this bib because his Uncle Jonathan gave it to him for Christmas... and he's sick, so if he barfs all over it, it's sort of a blessing. (Just kidding Jonathan!)

"Touchdown!" For whoever Dallas is playing, of course.
Sam has great dreams.

In other news... we're smack dab in the middle of our last week in Kirksville. We've had a few months to mentally prepare, but it always seemed several weeks off. Now that it's almost upon us and we're counting down the days and having some final farewells with friends and co-workers, it's beginning to sink in. I don't think it'll fully hit us until Monday and Tuesday next week when the packers and movers arrive. Hopefully Sam will be feeling better by then.

We're blessed that we have a home to move to. We had become frustrated in our house hunting and had temporarily put our efforts on-hold when a beautiful home that was well out of our price range had a tremendous price drop. It's nicer and bigger than we need, and we don't have near enough furniture to fill it. But maybe we'll find a used pool table somewhere and make a game room in the basement!

We're also blessed that my dad has made several trips to our new home to get it cleaned and ready for us. Our family can attest that if Dad's lawyer career hadn't worked out, he could've been a professional cleaner... a real professional cleaner. He drove over at 6 this morning to unlock the doors so our carpets could be professionally cleaned. And then he stuck around all day so he could take apart the oven and refrigerator and clean every square inch. Then he went through all the kitchen cabinets and pulled out all the old contact paper. He called me at work around 5 this afternoon -- he was just then heading back home -- and he told me everything he'd accomplished. Dad has always struggled to say, "I love you" but he sure knows how to show it. Hopefully I'll find a way to pay him back. Or pay it forward to someone else.

I'm also blessed that Michele has put in so much time and effort to get our current home ready for sale. (It's still available if you know anyone interested.) She's also spent several days going through our closets and cleaning things out. We're amazed at how much stuff we've accumulated in 10 years of marriage. We're donating everything we don't need to a local mission. We like our local mission because they don't charge folks anything. People are just welcome to come and take anything they need.

Meanwhile I'm spending long days at work training my replacement here. We'll be back at the beginning of February so I can walk him through another month-end financial close. It's a lot for anyone to learn, and through it all I'm learning to be more patient.

We'll do our best to share our new address with everyone via e-mail, but if we accidentally overlook anyone, please send me a note at Thanks!


An Uncle on a mission (Luke) said...

Can I take this Dallas Cowboys bib as an open invitation to try and inflict some personal team spirit onto my nephew? The other three are already a lost cause and I am not sure how much success I will have with my own children (God Willing!!) in convincing them that all things sports related in St. Louis are bad for you. I figure Sam is a good place to subtley try and influence a little northern Illinois professional sports enthusiasm!!

I am very happy for you guys in the new transition for you, I know it is hard for you to leave Kirksville but I hope you can look at is as one chapter being closed but a new and exciting one just begining. Kirksville has a special place in all our hearts so I know how you guys feel. At the very least you are moving to a state where you won't have to pay taxes on your cars!!!

In all seriousnous I hope it all goes well and Tara and I are keeping you guys in our prayers, you will do great in your new area!!

Tara said...

Poor Sam! It seems that everybody is or has recently been sick. Luke and I both got sick over New Years. Sam is so good to be happy even though he's sick.

I love what you wrote about Dad. I teared up when I read it. He's so good to us all.

I will miss Kirksville as well Rob. I can't believe that it is ending. I'm sure though that years from now Luke and I will drag our kids to Kirksville so they can see where Mommy and Daddy went to college. Maybe our kids will even go there. Maybe Sam will go there. That would be awesome! Perhaps we should schedule annual visits to the brick.

You guys will do awesome in Illinois. And you should be especially happy now that Illinois went smoke free on the 1st!

I never realized how much you disliked the Dallas Cowboys. Good thing Sam doesn't have any long term memory and won't remember having that horrible bib on. :)

Good luck with everything. Luke and I will be thinking of you guys this week!

Rob said...

I also have a strong dislike for the Patriots. When any team dominates a sport for several years (the Cowboys in the 90's, now the Patriots for the past several years), it just ruins the sport for me. I guess I like rooting for the underdogs. Unless it's the Cubs, of course. (Sorry Luke, I couldn't resist.)

I still remember growing up listening to StL Cardinals baseball & (then) football on the radio when Dad and I would work "out in the field". So that's the main reason why I'm hooked on Cardinals baseball. But I think if the Cards won every year, I'd get bored with them too.

Go Miami Dolphins!!

Tara - You're welcome to come visit the brick anytime. Maybe you guys can bring some brick cleaner and dust him off. :)

annie said...

Robbie - Don't let Matt see all this trashing of the Cowboys. Did you know that's his favorite football team? :)

I am glad I get to at least visit Kville a little bit when I go back with Matt, although it's not very often. I'll have to make him go on walks around Truman and the square when we go! It always feels a little different w/ his family since they live out of town.


nbolduc said...

And the PATRIOTS are Dave's favorite team... :) We were in FL on vacation, and he wore his new Pats hat all weekend!
Great post, Rob... I had to laugh about Dad-- it is so true, he is the KING of cleaning. Love you all three, good luck on your move to IL... can't wait to see the new home, after you guys get settled in.

susan said...

Go Cardinals and Rams!! Landon is my St. Louis fan, so I'm okay with the bashing of other teams. We'd like a pic of Sam in his new hat.

Sam is SO cute. We love him to pieces and the boys talk about him all the time. They'd like to know when he'll start walking...

I'm excited for your move! I can't believe it!! I have no ties to Kirksville other than the pool! Maybe we can visit that while you guys see the brick.

Keep us posted when you turn your computer back on.

Robert Douglas said...

Rob... I think the "touchdown" picture is misnamed. It should be "Yes, Lord! Yes, Lord! Yes, Yes, Lord! Amen!" Definitely a charasmatic pose with prayer shawl and all.
Love you guys.

traveling tHom said...

Great pictures and posts! I can't say much on the sports, other than I am an "occasional Cardinals fan" (aka I rooted for them near the end of the season in 2006). I love the Olympics. Olympics anyone?

The pictures of Sam are adorable! He smiles more than any baby I've ever seen.

Tara, it's a shame you couldn't beat your darkside husband in the lightsaber duel. And you call yourself a Jedi? Use the Force, Tarb, use the Force! Do you know the power of the darkside?

Ah, Kirksville. The population just decreased by 4. I am so glad that you guys bought the Brick (yes, it gets capitalized). Is it enough, though? Maybe we need a statue of all the Gasaway's. In the quad? Or in front of the SUB? Or just demolish Bab's house and put the statue there. Mom and Dad have dished out enough to practically pay for her house twice over!! No, how about a memorial? That's even better. Bab's won't mind. She can live in Ryle until she retires.

So, are the majority of the Gasaway's living in the suburbs or cities now? Hmmm. Does Springfield count? What about Ann, is her town suburban?

Tare Tare said...

You're killing me Robert!!!

Luke said...

Rob, is this blog even still active. Sam better have not changed at all when I see him this weekend!!

Lets pick it up a little with the blogging!!