Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Just for Luke

Once again, those Zartman boys wished for light sabers
for Christmas. (What is this, 3 years running?)
Their wish came true... for the 3rd year in a row.
But you can never have too many light sabers,
especially when crazy Aunt Tara & Uncle Luke like to duke it out.
(Scroll really fast and these photos look like a flip book!)
Tara: "Luke, I am your wife!"

Luke: "Not for long."

Tara: "Me Mercy!"

Chillin' with my homie

(Photo courtesy of Jace Waring)


Tara said...

Those are hilarious. I especially enjoyed the commentary you posted under each picture. I have a feeling that "Me, Mercy" will live on for a long time. :)

We really enjoyed seeing you guys at Christmas. Sam is so much fun. He is so laid back, I just love it.


The Real Luke Skywalker said...

Thanks Rob those are great. I remind Tara all the time that it is okay to play around but to never forget who the true Jedi really is!!!

Did you get Sam that snow suit yet?

nbolduc said...

Help.. what is "Me, Mercy"? A Jedi reference? I'm lost.
I love the pic Jace took, he's a budding photog~