Thursday, September 20, 2007

That is why

It's no secret that kids like their moms more than their dads. (Especially when some moms have an unfair advantage of hanging out with them all day while the dads are slaving away at work to put bread on the table.) Anyway, it's inspired a new song...

"That Is Why"

Mommy plays with me all day long
Then Daddy comes home and sings me silly songs
That is why I like my Mommy better

When she gives me a bath, she cleans between my linty toes
When I get slimy boogers, she picks my little nose
That is why I like my Mommy better

OK, your turn! We need help writing more verses to this song. Post a comment and Michele will pick a winner!!

And while you're thinking up rhymes, here are some photos to inspire you:
Having fun with Mom

Loving on Mom

Visiting Uncle Tomcat and making friends with Spiderman

Supervising Mom's work as she stains some quarter-round boards for our dining room project

Impersonating Pop


Sarah Chenault said...

Hey Gasaway family,
I love seeing the new pictures that you post. I wish we could see Sam in person, but I try to look at your blog once a month or so to see how he has changed.

Melanie said...

Just wait until he is about 4 or 5, then it is dads turn to be the star. He will try to be just like you,Rob.

Nancy said...

I love the pics, he DOES look like Pop in the last one.. of course that could be the BALD HEAD... :)

Moms do have the "edge" on Dads when babies are little... but Moms are also the "snuggly" ones... taking care of all the little things. But DADS are the COOL ones... as Melanie says, you'll be the star here in a few years, Bobert!

Melanie said...

When I'm sick she rubs my tummy,
Pats my back and wipes my bummy,
That is why I like my Mommy better.