Monday, October 8, 2007

We have a winner!

Blog posting has been sparse lately as we've been terribly busy looking into a potential job opportunity, visiting family, family visiting us, and just keeping pace with life. But we were excited tonight when we saw the blog comments and read Melanie's verse to our song:

When I'm sick she rubs my tummy,
Pats my back and wipes my bummy,
That is why I like my Mommy better.

Thank you Melanie! Great verse! It reminded me that I need to post some photos of you and Michele from our visit a few months ago... and apologize for not visiting on our last trip to Springfield a few weekends ago...
Best friends

Melanie's kids - Rilla, Aulden, Whitman & Georgia (holding Sam)

Having fun with Mom
(taken the same night as the photo in our last post)

Getting ready to go outside!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Wow, I'm a celebrity! Immortalized for all time on the famous(or infamous) Gasaway blog. Thank you, thank you to all the little people who I've forgot the names of, but mostly I thank God for this honor.

Now, back to business, if you are going to come to Springfield and not visit me- please refrain from TELLING ME! I don't want to know that you were here and totally snubbed me. I like being ignorant of these things!(ya big meanies!)