Saturday, September 15, 2007

One great day

We celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago. Having a new person in the family sure made it special. Michele & Sam walked up to the hospital and brought me a picnic lunch. We had to get the car inspected, so the scenery for our picnic was the local auto repair shop. The lady behind the desk at the repair shop has a daughter who's a former student of Michele's, so she got a kick out of seeing Sam. The guys doing the inspecting saw we had a baby and made an extra effort to work up our inspection faster than usual. It's small town goodness.

My birthday falls towards the beginning of the month, which is our busy time at work as we close out financial statements for the prior month. So my birthday was a busy workday. But I got home around 7-ish and enjoyed a simple, yet wonderful evening at home with a quiet dinner, some play time and bath time with Sam, and a movie with Michele. Our movie was "The Astronaut Farmer" -- pretty good, especially considering we hadn't seen a movie in months.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks:

Playing on my birthday

Smiling for mom

Tummy time!

Starting a new fashion trend

Saturday morning


Melanie said...

What an awesome Kasey Kahne shirt Sam is wearing! Somebody cool must have given him that, huh?

Rob said...

I just googled Kasey Kahne. We don't follow Nascar so we've never heard of the guy. But at least now we know that those onesies are for an actual driver... not a character from the Cars movie (which we've never seen either). Sam just likes wearing free shirts, especially red ones with the number 9!

(This post was brought to you by the color red and the number 9. Tomorrow's letter is K.)

Tara said...

I love the pictures! He has gained weight since Labor Day. That was so fun seeing you guys that weekend, even if it was brief.
I wish we could see him more. Oh well, just make sure he knows who his Aunt Tare-tare is!


Susan said...

Sam is such a cutie pie! He must take after his aunt Susan. HA!! Love the photos...especially the diaper on the head. I'm sure he will appreciate that someday.

PS - Did you ever get my birthday email? You didn't respond.