Thursday, July 12, 2007

my dad's tougher than your dad

They haven't really given each other any good eye contact since they were born (3 days apart). But here's Tobin and Sam eyeing each other in their first stare-down. I'm proud to say that Tobin blinked first.

Clockwise from left: Dora (Tobin's big sister), Wendy, Michele, Isabel (Can't see her, but she's at the bottom of the slide. She belongs to some friends who are addicted to seeing Harry Potter movies on opening day), Jeremy, Tobin (blinker), Sam (stare-down champion).


taralb said...

First, congrats on finally getting a digital camera! I swear, you are so tech savvy on some things, but it takes you forever to pull the trigger on other things that everyone else in the world has! i.e. camera, cell phone

Second, Sam is getting so cute! He is looking older and more alert. And I really think he has the "Gasaway brow" which means he will dominate in every staring competition he is in.

traveling tHom said...

That's adorable. I hope they'll be best friends growing up. :o)