Tuesday, July 17, 2007

family fun

We had a great time last weekend with Aunt Susan (Rob's sister), Uncle Ron, and cousins Landon & Payton coming to visit.

Landon poses with the big guy as we get ready to head up to the Friday night concert on the square. Each Friday evening during the summer, our local arts association organizes a concert. Some shows are great... others, well, aren't. But it's always fun to get outdoors and enjoy some music. This particular Friday night featured local blues band Deadwood. They were great. They're usually just a trio (lead guitar, bass, and drums) but a few songs featured a blues trumpet player -- probably a Truman student. Since I played trumpet back in the day, I really enjoyed it. Too bad I didn't think to take a photo of the show!

Aunt Susan helps Payton hold Sam. Check out Payter's new glasses! At first, he wasn't quite sure what to think of Sam... but before the weekend was over, he was hanging out with him non-stop.

Landon's grandparents on the Zartman side found a toy guitar that Ron had as a kid. That's inspired Landon to become a guitar player. He spent a good part of the weekend strumming an old classical guitar that my mom used to play when we were kids. Mom would be proud.

It's almost bedtime! Well, for Landon and Payton anyway. Sam sleeps whenever he darn well pleases. Just kidding... Sam's a good sleeper for being 2 months old!

The highlight of the weekend for the boys was Saturday afternoon at our local aquatic center. Landon went down the slide about 50 times, Payton had lots of fun playing, and Michele ran into several students who were really excited to meet our little guy.

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