Monday, June 15, 2009

Monkey lips

We've been having lots of fun taking baths lately.

Meanwhile, we're still eating Sam's birthday cake. (Don't worry - Michele froze it.) Of course anytime you eat birthday cake, you need hats! And you've gotta sing too!

Back in May, the four of us went to a Cardinals game. For the Cardinals fans, it was the game where Albert knocked out the "i" in Big Mac Land. We didn't see much of the game (babies and ballparks don't mix), but we heard that the ballpark cameras showed us for about 10 seconds on the jumbo-tron. Which would normally be exciting, except that they showed us scarfing hotdogs while trying to corral Sam & Eva!
P.S. The photo is Eva wearing Sam's outfit from last year.


Aimee Oyewole said...

Oh my Gosh Chele; My little princess Eva is a doll. She is so beatiful:) I also have to say she takes after Aunt Aimee on the Monkey lips!Ha! Anyway, I love you guys and miss you. Take care of all the family. Hugs and kisses to Sam and Eva from the Oyewole's.
Love Aimee

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

I read where you liked the kiddie car wash I built for Bethany. Give me your fax number and a couple days and I'll send you diagrams of how I built it. It is all 1/2 plastic PVC, but there are some tricks and special stuff.

Tara said...

Eva's eyes in those pics are beautiful!!

I remember Robbie doing those lips at the dinner table regularly. That and putting orange peel in his mouth and smiling real big.

Anonymous said...

this is really cool, I like here!