Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tough Guy

Miss Eva's Halloween costume
(courtesy of Aunt Annie!)

Uncle Sam

Sam entertaining Eva

Our new double stroller!
Despite Sam's facial expression below, he loves it.
He helped me put it together, then climbed in and insisted on a ride around the house.

And lastly, our Tough Guy
Last night Sam fell down our stairs. Michele was at the bottom and leaned up to catch him. Then they both landed hard. It was scary to say the least. Sam cried hard, but the only damage is a rug burn on his nose (thankfully).

1 comment:

Milles Family said...

Stairs in general are a pretty scare situation!!! Glad to hear Sam is OK!

I love the double stroller. Where did you all get it from? I've been eyeing some trying to find one that would fit in the trunk of our car. Granted...I have a few months before I need to really worry about it!!!