Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sam takes his first steps!

We were super excited last week when Sam took his first steps! We've been working with him off and on for several months, and last week he finally took his first steps on his own. When he tries walking on his own, he gets so excited that he laughs and falls. But last week, he made it back and forth between Michele and I several times. His current record is 5 steps in a row.

Celebrating with Dad
(I was goofing around and wearing Sam's socks on my ears.)

Eva was snoozing on the sofa.

And this was Mr. Sam's Halloween costume! As you can tell, he wasn't too excited about it. In fact, he didn't even wear it on Halloween. (We took this photo a few weeks ago.) The Halloween tradition in our new neighborhood is a little different. There's a big Halloween parade on the 31st, so most kids go trick-or-treating on Oct 30th. We had beautiful weather both nights. On the 30th, Sam and I stayed outside to welcome all the trick-or-treaters. Sam got so excited watching all the kids that he screamed at them and his whole body shook! It was hilarious. The parade on the 31st was packed, so we didn't get to see it as close up as we'd have liked. But we went with some new friends & neighbors who have a little guy (Noah) who's just a few months younger than Sam. Sam and Noah had a great time hanging out and eating Cheerios while we enjoyed the parade from a distance.


Tara said...

I love that picture of him dressed in his costume! He looks so distressed; it's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Hey, kids!

How incredibly AWESOME are babies?? You two have a beautiful family, and those are a couple of very lucky kids to have a great Mom & Dad! :)

Take care and all best wishes from your friends in Kirksville...

BJ & David Daniels

Milles Family said...

Congrats on your Sam walking! :-) The lion costume was adorable!

Glad you had a great Halloween!

Jodie & Lee said...

Oh my goodness..I've rediscvered the blog! That little man San is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. He is going to be a HEARTBREAKER! Oh...and cute, cute, cute. Michele thanks for calling today...I miss you guys so much.

Jodie & Lee said...

omgoodness, Rob, how do I fix our names on this thingy?

Rachel said...

That is TOO CUTE. He looks so excited, as if to say, "Dad, did you know I could do this?? I DIDN'T KNOW I COULD DO THIS! WHOA!"

Anonymous said...

He looks so distressed.


Anonymous said...


You two have some cute kids there. We miss you here in KV.

The Hoppe Family