Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane (part 1)

Mid-July we took our first family vacation.
We flew to Charlotte, NC to visit Aunt Annie!

Just a few days before our trip, Sam got pink eye. Arrgh, matey!
(I wanted to get him an eye patch
so we could talk like pirates the whole trip.)
Thanks to Mom, the doc, and some very expensive eye drops, it healed up in just a few days.

Even though we don't see Annie often enough, Sam warmed up to her in no time. In fact, he was so excited about our visit that he rarely took a nap! He stayed up late almost every night and woke up early too.

Ann brought home some fun toys from her job. Sam's favorites were a Mr. Potato Head Suitcase (one tater, lots of possibilities) and a toy that involved 4 balls, a hammer, and a contraption that you pounded the balls through, then they zig-zagged back and forth as they descended, and then fell out the bottom. (It's hard to describe -- Annie/Michele, feel free to provide a better explanation.)

I'll try to post more photos of our adventures soon...

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