Monday, August 13, 2007

5 More Minutes

For the past several evenings, we've taken Sam for a walk after dinner. Tonight I took him out by myself to give Michele a little break. We walked for about half an hour. Sam got a little fussy on the way back, so I did what I've been doing lately when he gets fussy. I made up a song and started singing it to him. It's sort of my personal version of "Whose line is it anyway?" where everything's made up and the points don't matter. I just make up lyrics on the spot and attempt to rhyme them. Of course, I try to keep it clean! Here's what came out tonight:

5 More Minutes

5 minutes and we'll be home
5 more minutes, we're not alone
5 minutes soon will pass
In 5 minutes we'll be home at last

5 minutes make up the day
5 minutes and we'll all play
5 minutes, I can hardly wait
Just 5 more minutes, now don't be late

5 minutes and we'll be home
5 more minutes, we're not alone
5 minutes, they never last
5 more minutes and the day is past

Too bad you can't hear the tune that goes along with it!

Now we're back safe at home. After the walk comes bath time, then a lotion rub down, then a snack with mom, then bedtime. He dozed off during snacktime tonight, then woke up when mom laid him down to rest... so now he's back up again for another snack. And the power of music again is comforting him. This time, it's Eva Cassidy's Songbird. If you haven't heard Eva, you should go out and buy one of her CD's. She wasn't really "discovered" until after her untimely death. But her voice is timeless.

Here's Sam after a bath the other day:

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Nancy said...

How cute...! When Jace was a baby, I had a song that I made up and sang to him, to the tune of Louie Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World"...but it was all about him-- "...and I think to myself, what a wonderful Baby!" Cheesy, I know, but it was sweet... I think I have the whole song written down in his baby book at home...