Thursday, August 9, 2007

10 years ago today...

Wow, these 10 years have flown by. Lots of milestones: earning our masters degrees, me passing the CPA exam, Michele being named teacher of the year for our school district and earning National Teacher Certification, paying off student loans, buying 4 different cars over the years (the Grey Dog, the Batmobile, El Pilote, and the Blue Bullet), buying our home, taking several fun vacations -- most of which involved taking lots of risks with wilderness whitewater rafting -- and of course, having Sam.

Some of the best times for me have been the whitewater trips to Colorado, Tennessee, Idaho, Utah and North Carolina. Idaho was the riskiest (our first multi-day trip, camping out 6 nights in the wilderness, huge rapids at times). Utah might've been the best overall trip -- a 4-day run down the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. We had so much fun, we went back the next summer with Michele's youngest brothers Mark and David. Some day I hope we can head back out there with Sam to conquer the rapids, enjoy some nights under the stars, and grow closer together. That's the best part of the river trips -- growing closer together. It probably sounds strange that getting away from absolutely everything (including electricity and plumbing) could ever be fun. But they've truly been some of the best times, and the best stories that we can ever tell. Thanks for 10 wonderful years, Michele. I hope we have at least 100 more!

10 hours ago today... (give or take)

I was able to take a day off work and enjoy some time at home with Michele and the little guy. We had a relaxing day -- took a walk, took a nap, took some time-out to enjoy each other. Tonight some good friends watched Sam while we went out to eat. It's one of those days I wish we could wake up tomorrow and do all over again.


Tara said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought about you two yesterday, but didn't get the chance to email cause things were crazy at work. I am glad to hear you went out to dinner sans Sam. It's good to have alone time.

I'm having my ten year class reunion this weekend. Ten years does go by fast.


Rob said...

Hey Tara-
We were thinking back yesterday about how we ended up getting married in August... and then we remembered your high school graduation and mom putting the smack down that we couldn't get married and have your graduation in the same month. And then came summer school in June and July, and early August was the only time left before Michele began teaching. Today it kinda stinks that our anniversary is the first part of the month, as my work schedule doesn't allow me to take time off then. So... it's your fault. (Just kidding!)

Hope you have fun at your 10 year reunion! Mine was fun-- amazing how some folks have changed completely from high school... and others haven't. I guess if my class was more organized, we would've had our 15 year reunion this summer. Yeowsers!


Anonymous said...

Okay, just saw the new pictures here, and 2 comments:
1 - Sam is huge!!
2 - I think he looks a lot like Michele!!