Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Double trouble

Enjoying a cold frosty one.


Eva comforts Sam as he faces his fear of Santa.

Reading a few books about baby Jesus.
We bought the kids an early Christmas present - the Little People manger and drummer boy sets. They love to play with them, and they're great visual aids when we read.

Look who's walking!
She's been practicing for several weeks. And in the past few days, she seems to have mastered it.


nancy said...

Ok, why am I NOT surprised about Mr. Sam being afraid of Santa!?!? The boy won't even make eye contact with the aunts, and we're not NEARLY as scary as a fat man in a white beard and a red suit! Great pics, and you have gracefully segued from Halloween right into pre-Christmas and successfully caught up on your blogging! Yay!

Melanie said...

I can't believe she is walking. Time flies. Smooch her for me. Sam, too. Aww, smooch everybody. Miss you.


Tara said...

That picture of Sam and Eva with Santa is hysterical!! I love it!
Those two are so cute.