Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cookie monsters

A few weeks ago, Michele baked some cookies then went upstairs for just a minute. She came back down to Sam saying, "Mmmm Mama, cookies." A single cookie was missing from the cooling rack. Eva had chocolate smeared on her face.

Sam was more than happy to re-enact what transpired.

Not wanting to be alone in this crime, Sam shared his first cookie with Eva.

...who is so happy about it that she's giving her scrunchy smile.

Michele baked cookies again just the other day. Eva crawled into the kitchen and cried and cried until Michele finally picked her up. As soon as Eva was in Michele's arms, she reached down, snagged a cookie and chowed down.

I'll say one thing: she's a fast learner.


Annie said...


jaimeklee said...

HAhaha!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. THey are both so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Tell them to come to my house. I'll feed them all the cookies they want.