Thursday, October 1, 2009

A page is turned

Today we celebrated Eva's last day being zero!

Sure, tomorrow's the big day for her. And perhaps more so for Sam, who is keenly aware that her birthday is coming. (Tonight at bedtime he insisted tomorrow is his birthday too!)

But today I reflected on the past year since her birth. Here are a few of my favorite photos.

Getting ready to leave the hospital, wearing the same dress that Michele wore home from the hospital when she was born. (2 days old)

Getting to know Sam -- and vice versa. (5 days old)

Celebrating the New Year. (3 months)

Relaxing in the bumbo chair. (5 months)

All smiles on July 4th. (9 months)

Modeling her new barrett. (11 months)

Enjoying our backyard. (last weekend)


nancy said...

she is SOOO sweet!! Thanks for sharing pictures of her first year. Can't wait to see her (and Sam too, of course!) again on Thanksgiving.

Milles Family said...

Happy Birthday Eva!!!!

I love the the photos! Eva is so cute.

Hope you guys have a wonderful celebration! :-)

The Milleses

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Eva! I'm so glad you joined the family.


Auntie Aimee said...

My Dearest sweet EVA!!! Happy Birthday my sweet princess. We love you more than you KNOW!!
Love you! The Oyewole's

Tara said...

She is so precious!! Those eyes are mesmerizing!!

Thanks for the pics Robbie!! I didn't know about the dress she wore home from the hospital. That's really cool.

Happy Birthday Evagirl!!

emily and kyle said...

She has grown up so much!! So beautiful! Happy Birthday Eva!

Susan said...

Ok...I'm a few months behind checking your blog. And just realized that I forgot to send Eva a HAPPY BIRTHDAY card or even call you guys. Not that she would know or anything. I really thought about it earlier this month, and then apparently forgot. I guess that's what happens when we get old! Give her a big smooch. The boys are so excited to see all the babies at Thanksgiving! Tell Eva I'll make up for it in the future with some jewelry and makeup. :)