Thursday, September 10, 2009

Muchas gracias

Many thanks to my family for making my 35th birthday a memorable one. In the photo above, Sam is helping me blow out candles while (left to right) Eva, my nephews Payton and Landon, and Michele cheer us on along with the rest of my family.

Our own Strawberry Shortcake.
Many thanks to Michele's parents and extended family in Orlando for sending Eva several fun outfits!

Finally got out the bike trailer. First time all summer. Eva enjoyed her first ride while Sam watched out for her.

Sam peeking out the window.

Cousin Landon joins us for a photo on Labor Day weekend.

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bob robbins said...

happy birthday! looks like you had a great day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rob! I really did think of you that week. Miss you guys.


Jodie said...

Happy Birthday join FB!
Please tell Michele "hi!" Been so busy with life...need to call!

emily and kyle said...

Hey! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog! First of all, it reminded me that I hadn't checked on yours in awhile - so I got all caught up!! :) Happy belated birthday! And holy cow - Sam had a SHINER alright! Your kids are precious!! They are both so photogenic!

Also, I loved the song line you put in your comment. I definitely have to write that one down! It is crazy how sometimes the stuff we have to cut back on is still great stuff. (church, hanging out with good friends) Life seems to get pretty crazy right now & I always think to myself "Just think one day when kids are involved!" I truly admire parents!! You guys are doing a great job!!! And as much I'd love to hang out with you guys & do LP work with you, I totally admire the fact that yall have created margin instead. That is awesome!

See ya Sunday!