Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Gets Sweeter

We headed home on Saturday. When Michele was born, she wore this same dress home from the hospital. Her parents brought it just in case we had a girl. My parents bought the pink booties without even knowing about the dress. Also note the ankle bracelet - a little extra security at the hospital. Special thanks to Brenda, a good friend at work who let us borrow a car seat until we figure out what brand will work best for a car seat and double stroller.

Here we go!

Big brother Sam is already a helper.
If he stands on his tip toes, he can peek in her playpen bassinet. When she cries, he rushes over to see if he can help.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Thanks for the pics Robbie!

Tara said...

Anonymous is me, I accidently hit the wrong button.

Milles Family said...

The pictures are awesome. Sam looks to be a big help already! :-)

Thanks for posting all the pics!

Sarah Chenault said...

She is beautiful! Congratulations. I can't believe that you have had two kids since we have seen you last. Hopefully we can get to St. Louis sometime and see you and the Hoffeditzs.

Angela Wilhite said...

These picture are my favorite. Eva looks so beautiful with that dress on. I love that picture. I wish I was there with mom and dad, so I could see you guys and little Eva and Sam. I miss you. My ultimate favorite picture though is the last one with Sam and Eva. Sam looks so cute with those BIG blue eyes and Eva is way to pretty, but that was expected with two cute parents. You guys did a good job. I love you both so much <3