Monday, September 29, 2008

Vote now!

Uncle Sam needs your vote! (Actually it's "Brother Sam" and this Cat in the Hat hat is the closest thing we could find to an Uncle Sam hat.)

It's baby week! Our new baby could arrive anytime, but Thursday at the latest. Vote now on whether you think it's a boy or a girl! Winners earn bragging rights - "I knew it was a ____!"


Anonymous said...

You and your sweet family have been on my mind and in my prayers as you await the arrival of the newest Gasaway! Keep us posted!

Rachel said...

I'm so excited! Make sure you post pictures ASAP!

Lori said...

We miss you guys like crazy! Can't wait for the newest little Gasaway to get here.

Love you guys,

Lori said...

Cass says it's one of each!!!hehehe

Anonymous said...

Love you guys; were thinking about you! Our prayers are with you! You know; I know what she is "oh" I mean the baby. Anyway we send all our love and will see you soon.
Love you! Aimee and the boys