Monday, June 23, 2008

good news

We're behind in sharing the good news about our latest ultrasound - everything looks great! They looked at detailed images of the kidneys, heart, and spine - and all looked normal. We also met with a doctor and talked about the low-set ears. He explained that low ears are incredibly difficult to diagnose because the angle of the ultrasound can make the ears appear low when they really aren't. From what he saw, he thought the ears looked fine. Thanks to everyone who sent a kind note or shared an encouraging word - we sincerely appreciate it. Here are a few photos from the ultrasound:

The baby appears to be smiling
(and my co-workers think he/she is giving us the bird!)

Still being knit

And here are 3 shots from Sam's photo shoot a few months back.
(I had the scanner out to scan the ultrasound photos, so I thought I'd scan these too.) We're so blessed to have this little guy. He's going to be a great big brother.


uncle luke said...

I would like to again take this opportunity to publicly campaign for naming your second child, should it be a boy, Luke. I have shared with you all the benefits that come with being named Luke so I don't think I need to list them here, but I wanted to plant the seed now and get you thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Luke, I am sorry to say; Sam's little sister would not be to happy being named luke. Also, to comment on your little angel giving the bird. She was clearly holding her head, from everyone talking about her beinmg a boy! We love and send all our blessings. Richie sends a big hug to his "Cus" Sam. He loves him very much:) LOVE YOU: Aunt Aimee "the best aunt"