Tuesday, May 20, 2008

knitting follow-up

On Monday, Michele and the new baby had their monthly check-up. Based on the ultrasound, the doc has 2 concerns - the baby's ears look a little low and the placenta is also low. A low placenta can cause problems during the pregnancy. But of more concern, low ears can indicate potential mental & physical problems. Our doc is optimistic that everything is OK, but we have a Level 2 Ultrasound scheduled for June 3rd so they can find out more. It's hard not to worry. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers.

On Saturday, we went to an art fair with some new friends. Sam loved being outdoors and was especially fascinated with one of nature's works of art - a leaf!

I wonder what he's thinking.

(actually it's Sam's new favorite food - zucchini)


Anonymous said...

Praying here.

Melanie and family

Anonymous said...

We're praying as well.

Such a sweet suprise to see you at church this Sunday!