Sunday, March 30, 2008

a new beginning

Hard to believe it's been nearly 2 months since we moved! We're sort of in a no-man's land. I know we were ready for a change, but we desperately miss the small town feel we had grown accustomed to. The going to the grocery store and inevitably running into a handful of people we knew. Those type of relationships take years to build, and it's quite an adjustment to start over from scratch.

Moving day!

Our new home

Sam tries out a new doo!

The many faces of Sam

Easter Sunday!
Thinking of new beginnings and such... we have another new beginning on its way. Michele is 12 weeks along! Most every day we look at each other and say how amazed we are that another one is coming. We hoped and prayed for Sam for so many years. It's almost unbelieveable that we're going to have two about 16 months apart!


Milles Family said...

Congrats on the new Baby Gasaway. That is super exciting. E-mail me at anytime you would like to get together. We are pretty flexible! We can't wait to hear from you!!!!!!

Tara said...

Hooray!!! You are now averaging one a month!

Who is the photographer that took that fantastic family picture of you guys?


Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful, as are all of you! I'm so excited that you are having another sweet baby. Can't wait to meet her(or him).


luke said...

I have to say that family picture at Easter looks extremely professional. Can you get me the name and number of that master artist?

Those are great pics and we are sooooo excited for the next baby G to arrive.