Monday, December 31, 2007

Just for Nancy

Aunt Nancy gave Sam some holiday boxers and socks for Christmas. He wore them to a New Year's Eve party tonight. The best part for Sam was eating the socks!

The waistband around the boxers reads, "99% nice, 1% naughty"!


Luke Love said...

The amazing thing is that Sam can chew on his socks without even taking them off. Tara and I still think he is going to excel in the sit and reach portion of physical education.

Hope eveyone has a good 2008. Just remeber the two words to live by "Me Mercy."

nbolduc said...

He's so cute!! Sorry I got you a gift that really will only be worn one or two times at the most, but I just couldn't help it!!
Thanks for posting the pics, I love 'em!