Friday, April 6, 2007

Breathe Easy

In Tuesday's election, our town passed a no-smoking ordinance that bans smoking in most public places, namely restaurants and bars. That's great news for non-smokers like us, and hopefully the smokers will eventually come to see it as great news. The ordinance kicks in on July 1st.

My employer (the local hospital) is in the transition period of enforcing a no-tobacco policy on our grounds. The buildings have been smoke free for years, but patients, visitors and employees could still smoke outside on hospital property. So the outside smoking is going to be banned soon. I think the enforcement date is coincidentally July 1st too.

Anyway, all these new rules have inspired me to ask a "Question of the week"!

Question of the week:
What restaurant would you go to more often if it was no-smoking?

Post a comment and share your thoughts! I'll share my answer in the next post...


Tara (Tarby) said...

Thankfully, most of the restaurants in Chicago are smoke free due to a smoke free ordinance passed here last year, but there is definitely a bar I would go to more often if it was smoke free (they weren't included in the ordinance) and that is Joe's Bar. It is a great laid back place with a ton of fun country concerts, but man you smell like an ashtray when you leave there.
Also, I would go to a lot more restuarants in Quincy, if they were smoke free! What is that???

Nancy said...

Same here in Springfield... we are smoke free in most all (the exception is if a certain % of their revenue is from alcohol)restaurants, passed that a couple years ago. But the bars are of course another story... I have the same problem as Tara-- we have a great new place that is 3 minutes from our house and has great live music, but I refuse to be in there for any amount of time because my eyes burn within minutes and my clothes/coat/purse smell for days!

Sarah said...

Hey Rob:D well, hmmmmmm, it think it would go the AppleBees and Cracker Barrel, beacuse in applebees they run out of seats once and we had to sit next to a smoking table:P and in cracker barrels no matter where you sit it smells:D well that is where i would eat more at if they had no smoking aloud:D well see you saturday:D


Grammar Nazi said...

In Kirksville, the answer would have been Il Spazio.

In Murfreesboro, the answer is Demos Spaghetti House.